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Election Reform and Campaign Finance

Lori understands that Americans are skeptical about our political system. With trust in our institutions at an all-time low, Lori wants to help foster a stronger relationship between citizens and their government. Lori supports an ambitious campaign finance reform plan and will also work to break down the barriers that exist in civic engagement. Lori understands that voting is one of the most important rights we as Americans have and she intends to expand that right, not restrict it.

Democracy only works when we all participate.

  • Work to overturn Citizens United—the Supreme Court case that allows corporate and special-interests to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into our elections.
  • Will support the ‘Democracy for All Amendment’ to end big money dominance in our elections. This act will allow Congress and the States to set overall limits on campaign spending, including prohibitions on corporate and union spending in the political process.
  • Will support the ‘Get Foreign Money out of U.S. Elections Act.’ This would apply the current ban on campaign contributions by foreign nationals to foreign-controlled, foreign-influenced, and foreign-owned domestic corporations.
  • Will support ‘The DISCLOSE Act.’ This act would require all corporations, unions, and Super PACs to report campaign expenditure of $10,000 or more. It would require the reporting of transfers by those groups to others making such expenditures in order to expose the source of huge campaign contributions.
  • Will support ‘The Government by the People Act.’ This act, among other provisions, creates “People PACs,” or small donor committees, that aggregate the voices and power of ordinary citizens rather than wealthy donors (as traditional PACs tend to do).