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Immigration Reform

Lori is committed to protecting the rights of immigrants. In Congress, she will work to fix our broken immigration system and ensure that everyone, regardless of your origin, has a fair shot at citizenship and the American Dream. Lori, whose ancestors came to this country from Portugal and Brazil, understands that we are a nation of immigrants. Lori will seek to return the current political rhetoric towards a tone of acceptance and one that treats those who come to our country with value and dignity.

In America, we build bridges, not walls.

  • Promote naturalization and help clear a pathway to citizenship. Lori believes that comprehensive immigration reform starts with creating a fair and equal pathway to citizenship.
  • Bipartisan reform for DACA/ DREAMers. Lori believes it’s time members of Congress step across the aisle and work with their colleagues. Many DACA recipients and DREAMers were brought to the United States by their parents at very young ages, and have spent almost their entire lives within our borders. To send these people back to their countries of origin would be akin to dropping them in almost any foreign land where they are unfamiliar with the language or customs. These people were brought here through no fault of their own; America is their home, and we must defend our neighbors, not deport them to other countries.
  • Reduce the immigration backlog and reduce delays in court. Some of the most significant bureaucratic delays to dealing with immigration in the U.S. are due to the lack of a proper legal infrastructure. Lori will push for an increase in the number of Immigration Court judges and Board of Immigration Appeals Attorneys. Lori also believes we need to modernize our case management procedures and create electronic filing systems to improve the efficiency of processing such immigrant court cases.
  • Secure our nation’s border… without a wall. Secure borders on the southern and northern edges of the country are necessary to ensure our safety from drug and human trafficking, violence, and terrorism. Lori is committed to doing all that is necessary to keep us safe. An ineffective, overpriced border wall, however, is not something Lori supports.
  • Encourage international study and employment.