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Jobs & the Economy

Lori believes that we need an economy that works for everyone and addresses the economic anxiety that plays out in the homes of working families each day. Lori understands that a strong economy and access to good education create economic opportunity for working-class families across the nation.

We need to restore basic fairness to our economy and get it working for everyone, not just those at the top.

  • Restore basic equity to our tax code.  Wealthy families shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate than hardworking middle-class families. In Congress, Lori wants to close the loopholes that unfairly position middle-class families and don’t allow them to take full advantage of the economy.
  • Unlock public funding to promote smart infrastructure improvements and create jobs. Lori wants to revitalize our cities and towns and strengthen our regional economy.
  • Continue the Third District’s leadership in developing technologies of the future. By working with businesses – specifically high tech, life sciences, and defense companies—Lori believes the Third District can continue to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Through cooperative planning and creative public-private partnerships, Lori knows that the Third District will continue to be a leader in our regional economy.