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Gun Reform

Lori believes we need to put an end to the cycle of gun violence that is taking too many lives in our schools and our communities. Every year, 114,000 Americans are shot. There’s hardly a community that hasn’t been or won’t be impacted by gun violence, including victims of domestic abuse.

There’s no time for “thoughts and prayers” when every day, an average of 96 Americans are killed by guns.  
  • Lori will support legislation that creates a grace period in which the federal government would be responsible for buying all semi-automatic weapons from current gun owners. At the end of this period, owning an assault rifle without a special permit for approved dealers and collectors would be considered a felony.
  • Lori supports closing the “gun show loophole” to ensure that gun sales made at gun shows, on the web, and via other unlicensed sellers are subject to criminal background checks.

  • No-fly, No-buy. Lori will support legislation that would close the loophole that allows individuals on the terrorist watch list to pass background checks and purchase guns with no questions asked.
  • Comprehensive background checks at every point of sale.
  • Oppose concealed carry reciprocity. Lori would not support legislation that proposed by the gun lobby that would override state laws and require states like Massachusetts to allow concealed carry holders from across the country to carry in our state.
  • Create a Select Committee on Gun Violence. In Congress, Lori will advocate for creating a committee that helps investigate solutions to curb violence and also bring people together to create sensible solutions.
  • Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)

  • Bring back the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.