Trahan raises more than $1 million for congressional campaign

68 percent of donations came from inside the district


LOWELL, MA – Lori Trahan, Democrat for Congress, is proud to announce she has raised over $1 million in contributions since the start of her grassroots campaign last October.

Since announcing her candidacy, Trahan has received 2,041 individual donations with 68 percent of those donations coming from the Third District. Over 65 percent of those individual donations were $250 or less.

“These donations represent the working class families that want a Congresswoman who is from this district and beholden only to the people of this district,” Trahan said. “I’m running a true grassroots campaign and I could not be more proud or more motivated by the confidence these families have shown in me as we head into the final 50 days.”

According to Trahan’s July 15 FEC filing report, Trahan raised $230,935 in donations between April and June. Since October, Trahan has raised $1,035,310, with 56 percent of the total amount coming from the Third District. These donations came from 32 of the Third District’s 37 communities.

The report also shows Trahan had $812,273 on hand as of July 1.



For more information or to talk with Lori directly, contact Erin Quinnan at (978) 891-2215.


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