Trahan wins Democratic primary for MA3 by 122 votes

Secretary of State Galvin’s certified results show Trahan finished with 18,527 votes


LOWELL, Mass. (Sept. 9, 2018) — Each of the Third District’s 37 communities has reported its certified vote tallies to the Secretary of State and the results show that Democrat for Congress Lori Trahan won Tuesday’s primary by 122 votes.


Trahan thanked election officials who have been working long hours to ensure each and every vote in this race was counted.


“I’m energized and ready for what will be a hard-fought battle against a Republican with deep pockets and strong ties to Trump,” Trahan said. “My campaign must go forward full-steam ahead to keep this seat with the Democrats and continue the Tsongas legacy of serving the working families of this district.”


The results from Secretary of State William Galvin’s office show Trahan finished with a total vote of 18,527.


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