Lori Trahan Campaign Unveils Stance and Policies Around Immigration Reform

LOWELL, March 19, 2018 – Democratic candidate for Congress, Lori Trahan, today unveiled her campaign priorities around passing comprehensive immigration reform. Trahan’s personal family background as a descendent of immigrants, along with her time working for Congressman Marty Meehan, have influenced her approach to solving this issue, with many of her policy priorities anchored to moving beyond partisan politics and reaching across the aisle to pass sensible reform. Some of her policy priorities include:

  • Passing bipartisan DACA reform and a supporting a legal path to citizenship for DREAMERS
  • Reducing the backlog and court delays in the immigration system
  • Supporting border security without a wall
  • Fighting the Muslim Ban
  • As a descendant of Portuguese and Brazilian immigrants who came to Lowell in the late 1800s, the issue of immigration is incredibly important and deeply personal to Trahan. “Our immigration laws, which were created in the 1950s, are completely outdated. As a result real lives have been caught in the crosshairs of this broken system. It’s our job to fix it,” she said. “It’s time for Congress to take an up or down vote on the Dream Act immediately, so that we can begin to solve this issue in a productive manner. The Democrats support it, Speaker Ryan said we should pass it, even President Trump said he would protect DREAMERS. This game of political football has gone on long enough.”

    Read the full version of the plan.


    Media Contact:
    Jonathan Latino
    Communications Manager

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